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Are you a producer, distributor, researcher or otherwise involved in the development, production, sale or distribution of cannabis-based products, formulations and recipes?

Ron J. Glas offers strong branding and marketing arguments as well as access to more than 30 years of proprietary knowhow and expertise.

Certified product​

To obtain Ron J. Glas certification and display the official Ron J. Glas seal on products, documentation, and packaging, a product must meet the Ron J. Glas standard and fulfill the minimum criteria. These certified products must adhere to the Ron J. Glas corporate identity requirements.

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Competitive Advantage:

A Ron J. Glas certified product increases your competitive advantage since it is automatically associated with Ron J. Glas’ expertise, knowhow and an integrated, sustainable cannabis philosophy.

Marketing tool:

The Ron J. Glas seal comes with unique user benefits, for both recreational and medic(in)al products, rooted in more than 30 years of scientific research and acquired expertise.

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Consumers advantages

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Certification provides assurance that the product has been tested and produced in a consistent, responsible and sustainable manner.

Preclinically tested cannabis
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Certification assures continuous high quality of the product in accordance with Ron J. Glas standards.

20 cannabinoid formulations
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Certification ensures that the product is reliable and that repeat purchases replicate the same desired effect time and again.

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Ron J. Glas offers answers and explanations to consumer questions in and accessible, easy to understand manner.