In the pipeline

Formulations in the Pipline

We have several projects in the pipeline. At RonJGlas we use innovation to address unmet needs and tackle conditions that blight and shorten the lives of millions.

In the pipeline

Our Scientific breakthroughs create new opportunnities 

17 formulations in the pipeline

In addition to our anti-obesity, anti-depression and anti-insomnia formulations we have another 17 formulations empirically tested by Ron J. Glas himself with very promising results ranging from formulas agains post traumatic stress, adiction and pain relief. We also have a cannabinoid mixture which is displaying pathogen defines and antimicrobial activity, strong antibiotic activities agains fungicides as well as bacteria (MRSA)!
As our journey continues we will be activating further research and testing of these additional recipes as well and are always open to potential partnerships that my support this endeavour, speed up the process or shorten the way getting there.

Decoding Cannabis and restoring your your health