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Obesity is a serious medical condition characterized by the accumulation of abnormal or excess body fat, which can have a detrimental impact on an individual’s health. Overweight and obesity are among the most significant contributors to mortality, causing almost three million deaths annually. It is a leading cause of disability and is associated with various diseases and conditions. Our patent-pending formulation, developed using a specific cannabinoid composition, holds great promise for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes, and its associated complications.

Overweight and obesity is the second leading cause of death, killing almost 3 million people a year

Obesity Pre-clinical study

Hunger and satiety are regulated by the hypothalamic centers that receive peripheral hormonal stimuli such as leptin, insulin, cholecystokinin, the variation of which is the basis of eating behavior. At the hypothalamic level. the cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1 R) plays a role in hunger/satiety signaling. In particular, the agonism to this receptor determines an orexigenic response and the inverse antagonism determines an anorexigenic response.

Prof. M. Memo

Dept. of Molecular and Translational Medicine

University of Brescia, Italy

Forty-eight, 4-6 month-aged, male mice were divided into 6 different experimental groups (8 mice for each group). Mice had free access to food. To evaluate food intake, the amount of food available for each cage was weighted every 24 hours.

Food consumption during the first 3-Day stabilization period was constant with no difference in the experimental groups. The first gavage treatment at Day 4 resulted in a stress-induced response that was common to all the experimental groups. This effect caused a short· lasting decrease in food consumption that disappeared in all groups except in the Rimonabant and our final formula group.

When comparing food consumption at Day 6 (3-day after cannabinoid treatment) to that of Day 3

(3-day after stabilization period) we found a significant decrease in both Rimonabant and our formula.  


Food intake with our cannaboind formula


Food inatke at day 6


Surprisingly, the results clearly demonstrate that our final formulation possess the unexpected property to reduce food consumption and body weight in mice after 3-day treatment. With the dosage used and at the time (duration) of treatment and evaluation, all the other combinations that lacked the final cannabinoid were unable to induce such effects.


changes in body weight after cannabinoid treatment


These data highlight the concept that mixing different cannabinoids may result in a novel compound with unexpected pharmacological properties far from the simple algebraic view of agonist/antagonist action at receptor level. ‘We found that only the final cannabinoid formula induces a reduction in food consumption, which is fundamental for weight loss.

The individual compounds THCV and CBx themselves have no effect on eating behavior and weight loss.

Effects and side effects ​

This formula can reduce food intake, depending on the dosage, leaving you feeling saturated. Its key advantage over synthetic obesity pills lies in the presence of a basic nitrogen in its molecules and lower ki-values. These allow for lower dosages and reduced dissociation from target receptors, minimizing adverse effects while optimizing  it’s weight loss properties.

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Publications Ronald J Glas

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